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Six hacks from 5 grams of Sugru

If you’re not familiar with Sugru, you should be.  It’s a moldable rubber compound that can be formed into any shape and cures at room temperature.  Sugru is amazing stuff.

Sugru comes in little 5 gram pouches in various colors (which can be blended together to create new colors).  The contents of each pouch needs to be used pretty much immediately after opening so I always try to batch my hacks/repairs to utilize a full pouch.  This might be my personal best–six objects improved with one pouch of Sugru!


This otherwise lovely set of fish plates had rough, scratchy bottoms.



A few rubber feet later, problem solved!  Tip:  after forming each rubber foot, place the object right side up on a piece of waxed paper and press lightly to flatten and level the feet.  The waxed paper will peel off easily after the Sugru cures (around 24 hours).


Same problem and same solution for this nice Spanish platter.


Now what to do about about an otherwise perfect place to keep a bedroom clock radio?  (The problem is that it isn’t possible to see the “alarm off” button without getting out of bed and kneeling down.)


Well, let’s just add a nub of Sugru to the Off button and feel it instead!!

There you go.  Six objects improved for an investment of a few minutes time and under a gram of Sugru each.