Hi.  I’m Jim Lombardo.  I have a rather diverse set of interests including information technology, electronics, robotics, photography and travel.  You’ll find various nuggets of my limited wisdom on this site.

I live in central New Jersey and work at cyberThink.


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  1. Catherine Schuster

    I’m trying to set up your plugin to work with Caseta. Two questions: I’m not sure what you mean by this “For Caseta systems, this is the telnet login, not the login you use for the Caseta app.” I do not know where I would get this? And second, how do I find the integration ID for a caseta module?

    Thanks very much. Looking forward to getting this working.

    1. ratranch Post author

      Catherine – I’m very sorry for the late reply and hope your question was already answered on the Indigo forums. Due to a system glitch, several posts on this site went unnoticed for some time.

      To retrieve your Integration IDs from the Lutron Application:

      Open iOS Settings -> Scroll Down to Lutron Application-> Enable Show Advanced Settings

      Open Lutron App -> Settings -> Advanced -> enable Telnet Support then select Integration -> Send Integration Report -> Enter your email address and send report.

      Note that the plugin only supports the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro.

  2. Catherine Schuster

    I have the caseta smart bridge pro. And I do have the integrations id, and I am able to control the device directly through telnet, but not through your plugin.

    As I am basing my whole home automation design on the thought that I could control luton through indigo, this is all very important to me.

    Would it be possible to pay you for your time to help me get this to work? Please respond directly to my email.

    1. ratranch Post author

      Copy via email.

      If you have telnet working it should be easy to get your smart bridge pro talking with Indigo. Please turn on debugging from the configure menu and restart the plugin. Then copy recent lines from the event log. (LMK if you need detailed instructions).

      My pleasure to assist with this but you might get the quickest help by posting to forums.indigodomo.com.



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