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Nuvico HDocs Mobile HD app stopped working

Here’s a quick one for anybody with a legacy Nuvico HD-TVI security DVR, e.g.,model DT-E800.  The iOS app stopped being updated in 2014 and doesn’t work with iOS versions 11 and later.  My user was ready to ditch his perfectly functional DVR because of this.

Long story short, a little reverse engineering revealed that the Nuvico platform is identical to another DVR branded “Hikvision”.  And Hikvision has a current app that is a drop-in replacement.

Replace HDocs Mobile HD with iVMS-4500 lite.  You’re welcome.

30 Second Fix for iPhone not charging

This morning I fixed my sixth or seventh iPhone with this apparently common problem.  Over time, the Lightning charging port at the bottom of the phone can fill up with lint or other debris, especially for people who carry their iPhones in their pocket.  The gunk gets increasingly compacted every time the charging cable is plugged in, until it accumulates to the point where the phone charges intermittently or not at all because the charging pins are no longer making good contact.

You should be able to insert the charging cable all the way into the port.   If you can’t, it is very easy to correct the problem.  First, switch off your phone to avoid any possibility of creating a short circuit.  Using a toothpick or other suitable tool (a tiny flat head screwdriver like you’d find in a precision screwdriver set works perfectly), clean out any junk in the port.  Try plugging in a charging cable and repeat if it still isn’t seating correctly.