Nuvico HDocs Mobile HD app stopped working

Here’s a quick one for anybody with a legacy Nuvico HD-TVI security DVR, e.g.,model DT-E800.  The iOS app stopped being updated in 2014 and doesn’t work with iOS versions 11 and later.  My user was ready to ditch his perfectly functional DVR because of this.

Long story short, a little reverse engineering revealed that the Nuvico platform is identical to another DVR branded “Hikvision”.  And Hikvision has a current app that is a drop-in replacement.

Replace HDocs Mobile HD with iVMS-4500 lite.  You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Nuvico HDocs Mobile HD app stopped working

  1. Pete

    No words can express my graditude for this article. I had searched high and low for ios app alternatives without replacing my DT-E800 unit. I followed your steps and it worked perfectly. You most certainly have my thanks!

      1. ratranch Post author

        Just download iVMS-4500 lite from the app store and enter your DVR settings. It is functionally identical to the Nuvico app.

  2. dave

    not sure what im doing wrong, but I can only get video to work on my wifi. it wont work when im away on cellular. many ideas?? thanks

    1. ratranch Post author

      Yup, I know what’s going on. A lot of routers don’t do IP passthrough, hence your DVR will have a different IP address on the local (wifi) network. The easiest solution is to create two location profiles in the app, one for in-home use and one for outside.

      You can easily check your public IP address from Safari. While connected to wifi, navigate to the website WHATISMYIP.COM.

      I am assuming that a port forwarding rule is already set up in your router (if the old app was working fine and nothing else changed, this will be the case).


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