Hello world!


Radio Shack TRS-80

Networking circa 1981: A Radio Shack model TRS-80 computer attached to a blazing fast 300 baud dial-up modem

This personal blog should have been started a long time ago.  Every time I need to solve a problem or satisfy a curiosity, the routine is always the same:  do a Google search and invariably end up finding the information on somebody’s blog.  So here’s my way of giving something back.  My interests are somewhat diverse, including electronics, home automation, programming, photography, robotics and travel.  I hope that others will find the various bits of random wisdom posted here in the future useful.


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Keith

    Jim, I look foward to your adventures in travel, electronics, computer science, marathon walks with my sister, and anything else you may fall into. I hope that your robotics skills can help us in our battles with the walking dead. I can only do so much when it comes to keeping the world safe from walkers. It is time for Robots to enter the fray.


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