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  1. Claud


    I came across your site looking for a way to connect a Newton Keyboard to an iPad.

    I’m computer-building illiterate, but have built a windows pc (about 10 years ago, had no idea what I was doing) so I can follow instructions.

    I was a fan of the Newton keyboard back in the day and would love to be able to build a USB/Lightning (or even Bluetooth adapter for it, but I have no clue about how to proceed).

    What specific Arduino board is needed? Yhe site lists several.

    1. ratranch Post author

      Hi Claud,

      This project used a Teensy 2.0 board. There’s a direct link in my post to a listing for the part on Amazon. It is also available from the manufacturer here. The easiest way to add Bluetooth connectivity would probably be to build the project I described and plug it into a Bluetooth adapter like this one. There should be sufficient room inside the Newton keyboard case to put the Teensy, USB adapter and a li-po battery.


  2. Paul


    I came across this post while looking for resources to achieve the exact same thing.
    Unfortunately the link with the sketch does not work anymore.

    Could you upload it again ?

    Thank you !


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